Adriatic Coastal Region Experiences Tourist Boom

Wed 17th Apr, 2024

Image by Michael Kleinsasser from PixabayCroatia, alongside Italy, stands as one of the prime holiday spots on the Adriatic coast. Every year, a multitude of tourists embark on journeys, either by car or plane, to bask in the vacation experience, especially during the summer months. Notably, neighboring Balkan countries, such as Albania, dubbed the "Maldives of Europe," have also caught the attention of holidaymakers. However, Bosnia-Herzegovina is increasingly gaining traction.

"Best Tourist Season in 20 Years": Bosnian Coastal Town Sees Remarkable Surge

A few years ago, envisioning Neum in Bosnia-Herzegovina as a summer getaway destination seemed far-fetched. Yet today, the city along the Adriatic coast, recently rattled by earthquakes, stands as a veritable tourist hotspot. Hoteliers are bracing for an influx of visitors this summer.

Mayor Dragan Jurkovic shared with Bosnian web portal, "Judging by the interest from guests and the reservations made since the year's onset, we anticipate a highly successful season in terms of guest stays and all associated aspects." Jurkovic even ventures to predict that this year might mark the "best tourist season in 20 years." Neum steadily ascends as an appealing travel destination. Seasoned hoteliers can scarcely recall a time with such high volumes of bookings at this juncture. Reservations abound to the extent that most hotels could potentially be fully booked not solely during peak times, but even in the off-season.

Tourist Surge in Adriatic Coastal City: Key Factors Amidst Corona Crisis and Pricing Dynamics?

The mayor speculates that many holidaymakers from neighboring Croatia are flocking to Neum, enticed by prices in Bosnia-Herzegovina's sole coastal town, which can be 30 to 50 percent lower than those across the border. "For many, this stands as a pivotal factor in selecting a vacation spot," Jurkovic asserts. This year also sees the mayor promoting significantly lower prices compared to Croatia. Experts have already projected holiday price trends in Croatia for 2024.

According to, the tourist boom in Neum can be attributed not only to competitive pricing but also to the ongoing Corona crisis. Local and Serbian tourists, especially, have gravitated towards the coastal town due to travel constraints.

Moreover, infrastructure has undergone substantial enhancements in recent years. A new highway facilitates swift journeys to destinations like Mostar, the Kravica Waterfalls, the pilgrimage site of Medjugorje, the tourist hub of Dubrovnik, and Bosnia-Herzegovina's capital, Sarajevo. The Mostar airport, which, per the mayor, has expanded its routes post-closure, offers international tourists expedited access to the city.

Image by Michael Kleinsasser from Pixabay


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