Yoga - the ancient key to a new way of life

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Old words of wisdom are never fully realized until testing times creep unexpecedly into our lives, such as the Covid-19 stay at home phase. This arguably inexorable situation has provided moments of self-retrospection. As the saying goes, staying connected to ancient wisdom provides an individual with the courage to face and handle predicaments on the journey of life, so we too have experienced it lately. For our small family, it has always been living and seeking balance between two wonderful worlds: one the motherland that is India, and the other being the beautiful land where we are currently living - Germany.

While we all were encumbered with discussing the economy taking a back seat, or not being able to go to fitness studios or other reasons to describe the negative consequences of Covid-19, it is of paramount importance not to forget the impact on small children and students who have to stay at home. They followed this forced isolation with little explanation and many silent questions shambling their tender mind. This has certainly resulted in unspoken anxiety and stress among them.

Our small family has have been living in Munich for the last few years. We are always amazed at the spirit of the city which has so beautifully welcomed everyone from all over the world. We have had some wonderful moments in this amazing city. The global spread of the Covid-19 virus and its psychological effect upon everyone, especially children, left us pondering the beneficial practice of Yoga. Our faith in this practice is once again substantiated during this recent pandemic. Having two wonderful little children, when news of the lockdown reached us, instead of getting perturbed, we visualized it as an opportunity to practice Yoga and connect to ourselves. Originating from India, Yoga is widely known as a very ancient practice where one attempts to seek balance and harmony between the mind and the body. This oneness provides a beautiful feeling of calmness which further provides a balanced approach towards negative situations in life and gives strength to move ahead during adversity.

Yoga has always been a fundamental part of our lives. While the world is struggling to adjust and accept the new normal, we can lean upon this wonderful tool to help us adjust to the new normal. It is satisfying to notice its beneficial impact upon young children, as it tremendously improves their focus and calms down unwanted thoughts in their secluded times. It helps them devlop a wonderful joyous approach towards life.

The practice of yoga aims to unite the mind and body through some Asanas (physical exercises) and Pranayams (breathing exercises). This oneness gives a state of joy and equanimity. many perceive it as the key to harmony between mind and body. My husband and I practice Yoga as a routine where we do some Asanas and some Pranayams along with some meditation. We have tried to practice this with our children too. It is noteworthy that this practice has encouraged our kids to stay calm and helped them seek happiness in this difficult phase of life. During this pandemic, it is a great challenge to keep young children as far as possible away from its negative impacts. Yoga can serve as a key to face this challenge. It has given us wonderful moments of alacrity and courage. This overly delightful experience has further invigorated our faith in this uniquely Indian practice.

While the world is struggling to adjust to the new normal, the unprecedented benefits of yoga should not go unnoticed. With the younger generation feeling disoriented in these tryiing times, the practice of yoga can unequivocally help them deal with this stressful situation. Among all the economic and political upheavals, we must not forget that there is a big number of young aspiring students who need to focus and move ahead despite all the adversities and yoga can assist them in staying focussed and calm; the world needs to excogitate the healing endowment of yoga.

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