Adam and Eve - by Masaaki Hasegawa

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This project aims to improve the social status of LGBT, especially female couples in the world, as many campaigns and publicities are focused on male couples. The objective of this project is to empower female couples around the world and strengthen their social status.
The artist, Masaaki, has painted two female models with pride colors and other colors: silver, black, and pink that represent homosexual women and the emotional and intelligent strength that they have. The front of the body is painted with pride colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple that represents the pride to live as homosexual women. This is what the people see on the surface level. The back is painted with black, pink, and silver to express the inner power and strength of women, the beauty of how they live, and the integrity that they obtain in society. 
The composition of the photos is inspired by the biblical paintings of "Adam and Eve". It criticizes the notion that heterosexual is what is normal and the narrative of The Bible that the woman (Eve) caused the man (Adam) to breach the rules given by God. The models crush the figs in their hands as a representation of liberating themselves from the old values. This is because the fig is depicted as the fruit that gives us a sense of shame. 
The photographer, Lara Fuentes, has worked on the concept to visualize the concept and extract a delicate and intimate connection between the models. It delivers the power from their looks and transmits their challenges and powerful energy to the society that has to learn a lot more about this topic. 


For More information:

Masaaki Hasegawa - Website ! Instagram ! The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy


Image: Adam & Eve, Masaaki Hasegawa and Lara Fuentes

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